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Core Competency

We have a comprehensive range of technologies and techniques in designing digital products, analog products and mixed-design products. With our years of experience and proven track record, we do things right the first time, all the time. Our proprietary Token Passing Technique in firmware coding drives us ahead of others in terms of product cost effectiveness and time-to-market. We are ready for any design - from the simplest product to sophisticated, internet connected system.

Digital Design   Analog Design   Secondary Design
Digital Data Communications   Precision Amplifiers and Filters   Printed Circuit Board Layout
Low Power and Battery Operated Devices   Discrete Transistor Circuits   Enclosure Design
RF Transmitters and Receivers   RF Transmitters and Receivers  
8, 16&32-bit Embedded Devices   Linear and Switch Mode Power Supplies  
TCP/IP Embedded Networking    
CAN Communication Network    
Digital Signal Processing      
C and Assembly Programming      

Selections and Procurement

Quality being as our prime driver, we carefully evaluate and select only materials and suppliers that meet our stringent quality standards to fit into our value chain. All incoming materials are carefully inspected by our IQC personnel before they are used in production.

Quality Management

We develop a quality plan for each of our product. The customized quality plan includes in-process monitoring, sampling plan, and final product testing. We design testing fixtures to accompany each product where necessary. We perform product testing to ensure that our design is robust in the field.

Before a new design is manufactured, our quality team will train the relevant manufacturing staff to ensure that they acquire the right skill and knowledge to perform their work.

During the manufacturing process, the work is constantly assessed to ensure that consistency of quality is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing life cycle.

We test every product carefully and add the final touches before they are packed and delivered to our customer.

When the production cycle is completed, we analyze the quality performance and identify areas for future improvement.

Outsourced Manufacturing

Our costing strategy is not based on sourcing the cheapest, be it materials or facilities. Zynix builds strategic alliances with a range of manufacturers from small scale to massive ones, allowing us the flexibility to size-up production capacity to almost no limit as our customer's demands grow.

Our Value Chain


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